NOT SPAM Investment funding from USA

Good morning,

How are you today? Sure you are fine and your family as well. I am doing well. I'm Phillips Walton, from Kingfisher,
Oklahoma, in United States of America. Am from the bloodline of The Walton family, who own about 54% of retail
giant Wal-Mart, continue to be the wealthiest family in the US for a second straight year with a combined fortune
of about $149bn (Ј95bn, Ђ134bn), according to Forbes. The six heirs of Wal-Mart founders Sam Walton and
James "Bud" Walton was my bloodline relation he recently gave his entire descendant a settlement worth over
$8.4 Billion instead a shear at Wal-Mart.

I was looking at moving a greater part of my investments worth over $500,000,000.00 (Five Hundred Million US
Dollars) out of the US. This is mainly because since the Election Campaigns started, our Government have really
lost focus. They have shifted their attention from very important issues that affects the lives of the US Citizens
to very trivial issues and irrelevant matters. The relatively continuous dropping price of the Oil has also been
another area to worry about. These two among other things are now affecting the economy of the states
negatively to a greater extent.

Another reason being that the US is almost over saturated with investments in different sectors and the competition
is becoming stiffer and the profit margins shrinking by the day.


While I provide the finances required for the Real Estate Investments, you can contribute your presence in
supervising the projects as well as part of the man power required for us to succeed together.

I expect to read from you as soon as possible with if you are interested in partnering with me.

Thank you.

Phillips Walton.