insomnia ! / stress ! / learning ! / The royal road to learning ! => Rex Super Brain


insomnia ! / stress ! / learning ! / The royal road to learning ! => Rex Super Brain


Do you have a trouble with sleep because of insomnia?


Are you depressed because of severe stress?


Do you want to be doing well at school, but you have low

concentration skills and Ineffectual learning ability?


The royal road to learning ! the secret weapon of study !

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Old product's original price: $500 =>For launching commemoration of new product,

the preorder price for new product: $68


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Rex Super Brain !


Insomnia => deep sleep


Anxiety and mental stress => Mental stability and peaceful mind

Poor learning ability => Advanced learning ability, concentration and creative



Mental fatigue => Recovery of mental fatigue, and meditation


Brain wave regulation device

using cutting edge minute magnetic field

by realizing Dr. Robert O backer's theory


Rex Super Brain is brain wave regulation device using high-tech, and gives you a big help to deep sleeping, advance leaning ability, creative, and concentration, reduce anxiety and mental stress by regulating brain wave as alpha, theta and delta wave


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