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Map´s is a Foundation built by his Members and growing with them, to make Internet Earnings by Advertising for those who take part of it.
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Business System for everyone who has Internet and a Pc

You are searching for a growing, stable and secure chance to earn in the internet? Then you are on the right Track with "My Advertising Pays". It is simple to use so everyone can work with it if you are able to click a mouse and have internet and a Pc. Take Part of a B. Dollar Internet Advertising Business and get a piece of the Cake. You earn with "My Advertising Pays" short "MAP´s" by the Profit Share Earnings of the Company.


73661+ User and GROWING FAST!

How it works:
  • Register and become an Member of "My Advertising Pays".
  • Every C. Pack you buy cost 49,99 $ and generated guaranteed 60 $. 
  • If you want to get Lifetime Profit Share Earnings from Map´s, buy as many C. Pack as you can. But at least one to take part.
  • Repurchase C. Packs with your earnings as soon as you have earned enough with your C. Packs or Pay Out your profit. Do as you wish.
  • Condition to take part of the Profit share earning is to have at least 1 C. Pack and click 10 Ads within 24 hours.
  • 95 % of the complete revenue from My Advertising Pays is distributed to all C. Packs of all members. Everyone who have C. Packs will earn from the Profit Share.
  • If there are Days you don´t have time to click 10 Ads per day, normally your Profit Share Earnings would stop. So you have the possibility to buy vacation time and your Profit Share Earnings will continue for this time period.


You buy 20 C. Packs from 999,80 $. Each C. Pack generates between 0,35 - 1,00 $ per Day. Lets say for this example 0,50 $ per day. 20 x 0,5 = 10 $ a Day
After 5 days you have earned 50 $. Enough to buy another C. Pack from Profit Share Earnings.

  • After 20 Days you have bought 4 additional C. Packs with the Profit Share earnings. So you have 24 C. Packs. 24 x 0,5 = 12 $ a Day.
  • After 40 Days you have bought another 5 additional C. Packs with the Profit Shares earnings. So you have 29 C. Packs. 29 x 0,5 = 14,5 $ a Day.
  • After 80 Days you have bought another 13 additional C. Packs with the Profit Shares earnings. So you have 42 C. Packs. 42 x 0,5 = 21 $ a Day.
  • And so on...until a Member Reach the maximum of 1200 Packs. 1200 x 0,5 = 600,00 $ a Day
But a video says more than thousand words.
There is no need. Nothing but the possibility.
  • In addition for every click you make on advertising you become advertising points which you can spend for your purpose. For example your Product, Homepage or anything you like.
  • For every C. Pack you purchase you get in addition 550 of this Advertising Points called "Traffic exchange C.
  • So, on a certain point your business get automated traffic from Map´s by spending this points in Text Ads or Banner Ads on Map´s.
  • The more People are becoming part of Map´s and be a part of this Foundation, the more people are getting in contact with your Business.
  • For every Referral you bring to Map´s with your specified Referral Link, you will earn between 4% and 10 % commision (depends on your Membership Level) on every purchase your Referral make.
Take your chance and be a part of this Foundation. For your independent future income, from every place on the planet on which you are and get access to the internet.

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