would you like a quality RDP slot ?

I hope this isn't to intrusive but there really is no other way to contact you
If you're interested in Quality cheap RDP service then I have just what you're looking for
My slots start at 4EU a month for 10GB of space

Not sure what RDP is ?
RDP stands for remote desktop protocol
Simply put it's a user account on a windows server
Putting the POWER of a server at your fingertips with the privacy of a private home computer
You can use it the same as you would your own computer
And the RDP connection is so responsive it's really just the same to use as a home PS
But WAY more powerful
And with a port speed of 1GBps it's around 200 times faster for moving files around then my own home computer is

Most people use these RDP slots for file trading or anonymity
But the possibilities are endless
Some people setup gaming servers for their friends to play on
Even had a few teachers buying a bunch of slots for their students (can't say I know why though)

Anyway if you're interested then Click Here
leave the subject as it is and you will triger an auto responder to give you the link

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